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It Begins With “Karen”

Written by John (the other John).

I remember when the #metoo revolution began, we were told that women’s rights were paramount, and that women must be “believed” no matter what (regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic background). With this movement, women became the power-brokers of Leftist movements globally. But since then, the #metoo movement lost its “thunder” once a woman accused Joe Biden of rape, and the feminists disappeared quicker than George Costanza in cold water (a Seinfeld reference). Turn the clock ahead to today, we are now experiencing the BLM/cancel-culture revolution. So the question became, how would the two revolution’s mesh. Well, we have since found out.

The Leftist powers-that-be disclosed their preference (which of course means that their modus operandi is to dehumanize the one on the losing end). So what they did is to concoct the derogatory word “Karen”, which symbolizes a woman perceived to be privileged and who demands things to be done properly. The stereotype is to no surprise “a white woman” (regardless of political affiliation).

So basically, within two short years, all women went from being the leaders of the Leftist mob, to now in 2020 the mob having carved out unwoken white women from out of this mob. And as mentioned, they became dehumanized as “Karen’s” (and once dehumanized, then it is justifiable and a mandate to physically attack them).

Next came the woke-white pledge of them never again calling 911 against a black person regardless of the crime committed (whether burglary, robbery, property damage, arson, rape, attempted murder, murder, etc…). So basically, a license to do all of these acts onto woke white women by them giving preemptive consent.

But will it end there, or (much like the Arabic Angel of Death [Azrael] who always wanted even more souls) will the mob also want more victims and thus carve out and dehumanize even more women? After that, it will become woke white women too, as they have unpure blood and DNA, so then they too must be demonized (despite them previously consenting to being victimized by certain men). Sorry to tell them, but consenting to being a crime victim is not enough! Then who else after that? The list of future victims is endless.

So just because it began with “Karen”, it does not though end with “Karen”. Just like in National Socialist Germany, just because it began with the degrading word “vermin”, we know from history that it did not end with a mere word.
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