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Germany: Somali criminal free because of "bad experiences of his escape in an inflatable boat"

Rostock - "Suddenly this man pulled a long knife from his sleeve and came up to me with movements of stabbing", the traumatized victim Doreen T. (42) described her fear of death at the time in court.

The perpetrator, Mahamad Abdullahi A. (21) from Somalia, left the room on Monday as a free man.

The rejected and then accepted asylum seeker had threatened the elderly nurse with a kitchen knife (20 cm long blade) at a bus stop in Rostock-Toitenwinkel on February 17, 2019 and stolen her handbag. He took out 60 euros, throwing the rest away. The police later arrested the African.

Consequence: pre-trial detention and a serious robbery theft charge.

Before the district court, there was the almost common “understanding” between the parties to the trial at the beginning of the trial. The deal: confession against mild punishment.

As a result, the Somali, who had denied the crime to the police, now showed remorse, admitted everything and apologized.

As a motive for his deed, he stated yesterday that he had no money and was mentally stricken - because of the bad experiences of his escape in an inflatable boat.

The verdict of the district court under juvenile justice: only 20 months in prison, suspended for probation. The legal costs fall to the state.

The victim cannot understand the mild judgment. Doreen T. zu BILD: “A prison sentence would have been just. I am angry and feel like nobody has thought about me and my consequential damage. I have had psychological treatment for a year and a half. The deed always comes up. The judgment is rather negative for my course of treatment and does not really help me in processing the event. "

Doreen T. previously worked in refugee work. Today she says: "I have learned my lessons and have become very careful!"

Source: Bild
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