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New feminist thinking: boys should ask first if they want to hug their mothers

Here some examples of recent feminist insanity from Argentina, where this virus is spreading faster than Covid-19.

The idea is that mothers should set up some limits against toxic masculinity. Therefore, boys should ask first if they can hug or even touch their mothers, since they might feel uncomfortable when their bodies are not respected.

"Moms of boys: say no. If you want to be alone, if you don't want hugs, if you don't want kisses. Your bodies are yours, it is good to be loving but it is better to set limits and teach our children than when a woman does not want, even if she is the mother, she does not want and that's it."

"I agree with you, you do not talk about denying the love that your child asks for. Here is to establish a limit between your life and that of being a mother. And women can adore their children but if one day they did not want a hug from them, it is super good, explaining and showing them your discomfort 👌🏼"

"Just an expert in parenting was saying this !!
Children should ask mothers for permission every time they want to touch their body and through this example they learn the limits."

Source: Twitter
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