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Hans-Georg Maaßen: "the youth is politically immature and seductive"

"The left is still a social minority, although it is very vocal, and although it has access to all socially relevant media," says Hans-Georg Maassen, the former president of Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. In conversation with Apollo-News, the lawyer and publicist tells about his life, about the youth and the future of Germany. Regarding the circumstances of his release after the supposed "chase" by Chemnitz, Maassen said that the sentences in an interview with the picture that led to his release had been agreed with Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. After the events in Chemnitz in August 2018, the President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution said that there was no evidence of "chase", of which Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had also spoken, and cited corresponding sources, in particular a video that made many headlines at the time as "false information " (see here). The dispute over Maassen's dismissal in 2018 almost broke the grand coalition.

Germany has been deeply divided since 2015 and the trenches are very difficult to overcome, said Maassen. He justified his engagement in the "Werte Union" with the fact that the CDU had moved very far to the left. "I think that's wrong, we have enough left-wing parties in Germany," said the trained lawyer: "We need a strong bourgeois party. In our view, the CDU has given up many positions that it once stood for and we want to not that. We want course corrections. I am committed to that. " Germany needed this course correction in particular with regard to migration policy, security policy, foreign policy and economic policy.

The Chancellor Maassen attested an agenda: "Some accuse her of only looking for opinion polls and journalists' opinions, I don't see it that way, I perceive that in connection with the refugee crisis, where I did not agree with her she has a firm position, which she has not changed to this day. She is a woman who, despite political and media storms, still stands by her position, which I do not always see with other politicians."

Maassen complained that upbringing and education were declining and that young people today are more politically immature than they used to be, making them more seductive and emotionalisable. If education deliberately refrains from immunizing young people precisely against this, this generation will face major problems. Due to a different upbringing and education, they are less grounded and realistic than before, said Maassen. In general, young people are susceptible to following Pied Piper out of good intentions, such as political and religious fanatics. Young people are generally easily seduced and this is currently a problem. For example, at "Fridays for Future" the goodwill and high level of commitment of young people would be misused for a reprehensible ideology; it is agitation. The state had a high responsibility to ensure that the youth were immunized against extremism.

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