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Vice President of Zimbabwe Says Country Starves Because White People Didn’t Teach Them Economics

Kembo Mohadi says "The white man never gave us the knowledge how to run the economy"

Zimbabwe has been tasked with famines, starvations, and hyperinflation since a revolution topped it from its perch as the breadbasket of Africa to an underdeveloped, starving nation with a barely functional economy.

In a tweet captioned, “Zimbabwe’s Vice President Kembo Mohadi has blamed the country’s former colonial masters, Britain for not teaching Zimbabweans how to run their economy. He says since gaining independence from Britain in 1980, Zimbabweans only know how to run small businesses,” a local news outlet ran an interview where the Vice President blames white people for the long-lasting hardship.

According to News 24, the Vice President was “addressing the ruling Zanu PF provincial structures in Gwanda, south east of Bulawayo,” when he made the remarks.

Mohadi begins by addressing economic worries and poses the question: “Is it government that is causing that?”

After a brief pause, he adds, “How are they causing it? I’m saying this because, one, we got our political independence, but the white man never gave us the knowledge of how the run the economy.”

He then speaks in a local tongue before resuming in English to mention farming techniques.

Source: National File
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