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Warding Off the Curse of the Evil Eye

Written by John (the other John).

When it comes to the supernatural malevolent forces of the world, there is no other mystic force that can mentally paralyze a person than if he/she believes that they can succumb to the evil eye. To those unfamiliar with this, the evil eye is like a voodoo curse transmitted thru a malicious glance or some wicked words by an envious person upon an unsuspecting victim. By doing so, the believer of the evil eye feels incapacitated (though in reality, there is no such harm to them). 
The curse of the evil eye is a simple concept, it stems from the idea that a person who achieves success also attracts envy from others who are failures. That envy manifests into a curse that paralyzes the subject and overturns their good fortune. Belief in the evil eye by the suspect transcends mere superstition to the point that that person foolishly corroborates its actual authenticity. To the believer, the power of the evil eye is potent.

 With such widespread fear that a stare or a yell holds the power to inflict such fatal misfortune, it is shocking that so few unwilling suspects have not yet attempted to repel the power of the evil eye. I often reflect that being that the effect of the evil eye is merely psychological, just how easy it is to deflect its effects with an even more powerful psychological tool (i.e., knowledge that the evil eye is bogus [essentially, a cerebral variation of an “ocular amulet”). But alas, most people are too weak-minded to do so.
Now that you read the above, please re-read it, but this time delete the words “evil eye” and instead insert the words “white guilt”. Then see just how powerful it is upon our own cognitive senses, and also see just how easy it is to deflect this deceptive accusation. The antidote to this fraud is called “knowledge”. With knowledge you become Teflon to this racket, so when these scammers will see that it does not phase you, they will then retreat from using that phrase (of course then they will play the game of Scrabble and invent some other derogatory phrase against you).

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