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WE accused of giving personal data to Trudeau Liberals before 2015 election

 The WE Charity has been accused by a witness in the House of Common's Finance Committee of transferring personal data to the Liberal Party before the 2015 election.

Speaking in the Finance Committee, journalist Vivian Krause accused the WE organization of engaging in data mining for corporate partners, some of which was later given to the Liberal Party in 2015.

The Liberal Party were elected in 2015 under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. They defeated the Stephen Harper-led Conservative Party who had been in power for over a decade.
The WE organization did not answer questions relating to this matter.

Justin Trudeau's WE charity grew even more serious today after Global News reported that the $900 million contract—marketed as going to the WE Charity—was actually given to the WE Charity Foundation, which had no history of charity work and served as a real estate holding company.

This followed weeks of damaging coverage for the Liberals. This scandal erupted after the prime minister awarded the WE organization a $900 million contract intended to provide students summer work. This immediately attracted attention as it was unclear why the civil service could not perform the task allocated to the charity.

After this, the relationship between the WE organization and the Trudeau government was brought to the public's attention. Trudeau, it turns out, was personal friends with the co-founders. His wife hosted a podcast for the organization; his close family had received money from the charity, and he had appeared at multiple events hosted by the organization.

It didn't stop at Trudeau. The Finance Minister Bill Morneau, for instance, had two children who either worked for the charity or were promoted by it. Katie Telford (who works as Trudeau's chief of staff) created a charity that raised funds on behalf of WE. Minister O'Regan served as that charity's honorary head.

Neither Trudeau, O'Regan, Morneau or Telford recused themselves from the decision to award the charity this contract—leading to an investigation by the Ethics Commissioner. If Trudeau is found guilty, this would be his third violation.

In a polling report released today, both the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau have suffered as a result of this scandal.

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