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Anabel Schunke: Do not let our diversity be taken away from us

Written by Anabel Schunke for Die Achse des Guten.

It is well known that pride is such a thing in Germany. If there has been such a thing as “allowed” pride in Germany in the last few decades, it is most likely what the philosopher Hermann Lübbe once described as “German pride in sin”. We stand by our crimes and sporting achievements. Like other societies, we define ourselves by what we are particularly good at. And repent - that is what we can do best in addition to building cars.

Closely connected with the German pride in sin is the pride celebrated since 2015 in everything that can somehow be subsumed under the term “diversity”. If the abstract penance during a Frank Walter Steinmeier speech on television is no longer enough in view of the inglorious Nazi past, you can now actively crawl in front of migrants and asylum seekers. The fact that many of them come from countries where people have great sympathy for Hitler because of the conscientious extermination of the Jews does not matter. The main thing is that they are paid in some way and reparations are made.

The SPD Waghäusel, a district town between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe, is particularly proud of this diversity. People from around 90 different nations currently live in Waghäusel. The proportion of the population with a migration background is 27 percent and thus above the nationwide proportion of migrants, which averages 20 percent. “We are very proud of this diversity in our population. It shows that Waghäusel is a liveable and lovable city, in which you can feel comfortable and at home,” it says from the SPD-run town hall .

The lived “successful integration”
The SPD Waghäusel recently demonstrated impressively with a vigil against “right-wing arsonists” that this diversity cannot be taken away, just like the Holocaust. Because in Waghäusel, where you normally do "exemplary integration work", an unpleasant "incident" occurred a few days ago, which is the otherwise "livable and lovable city where you can feel comfortable and at home", shocked .

Two Syrians from the local asylum seekers home recently pushed a 54-year-old man into the track bed of the train . That it wasn't a mistake was also made clear by the fact that the man was then prevented from climbing back onto the platform. He was seriously injured by an incoming train, but is now out of danger. The initially fugitive perpetrators were found by the police in the local asylum seeker accommodation.

The crime at the train station is "speechless and affected," says the SPD Waghäusel. Since in Waghäusel the lived “successful integration” cannot be taken away so easily, all critics must first be declared to be “right-wing extremists” who “instrumentalize this act for their inhuman agenda”. It is therefore "no question from the left or the right" to make it clear "that right-wing anti-democrats are just as unwelcome in Waghäusel as criminals". "It is a question of democratic attitudes."

The citizens are to blame
Now, one or the other citizen who is still completely at ease and whose empathy for the victim has not been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, similar to the case of Daniel H. from Chemnitz, may feel as an affront that such actions are possible gives the impression that it was not asylum seekers who committed the crime, but “right-wing agitators”. It may also seem a bit tasteless to some people to put people of other political backgrounds on the same level as criminals who have obviously tried to kill someone with a train entering the station. And yes, somehow you don't really know whether the SPD Waghäusel is setting the right priorities with such a "sign" of its "democratic attitude" in the face of a victim who until recently was fighting for his life in hospital, but at least one shouldn't be surprised at the SPD that one is no longer elected.

In any case, the blame for the shitstorm on the Facebook page of the SPD Waghäusel is not the instrumentalization of the deed in the "fight against right" or the lack of empathy towards the victims of a migration that got completely out of hand. The citizens are to blame, of whom one also makes fun of in one's own helplessness, while even those who claim to have elected this party once are assigned to “right-wing circles”.

However, this should not hide the fact that there were also the first signs of reconciliation recently. Should we (the right-wing mob) "come to our senses" at some point, the SPD Waghäusel will be happy to shake hands with us (when Corona virus is over).

Thank you SPD.

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