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Autopsy Report of the Republican Party

Written By (John the other John)

After the loss by Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election, the Republican Party authored an “autopsy” report of what they did wrong, and what can they do to improve their chances of winning the 2016 Presidential election. The conclusion from these highly paid experts was that they: “...need to campaign among Hispanic, black, Asian, and gay Americans and demonstrate we care about them, too. We must recruit more candidates who come from minority communities.”

My response is simple to their conclusion: wrong! First as to Trump, he is super-human, so not only is the “autopsy” report wrong, but my below formula too is wrong as to Trump because my formula applies only to mere mortals. But getting beyond Trump, the “autopsy” report is a “surrender” report, while my formula somewhat mirrors that of the Democrats. The one word that can used to build in multiple directions is the word “grassroots”. What the Republicans need to invest in to build grassroots support for their causes include:
  • Activists in every big/medium-sized City for each and every Conservative issue who specialize in the relevant issue for which they were hired
  • Public-interest lawyers hired to conduct extensive litigation for any and all Conservative causes in every State and big/medium-sized city
  • Hired professional protesters
  • Encourage patriotic issues to be taught in every local school district
  • Scholarships/aide/grants for students to major in media, big tech, political science, law, teaching, for the purpose of pursuing Conservative issues
  • Social media websites
  • Create and endorse credible and scholarly/advanced on-line education as an alternative to traditional education (the States must be lobbied to make these accredited; ideally they will also be publicly funded, otherwise, be privately funded)
  • Certified/accredited colleges/Universities/Law Schools promoting Conservatives causes
Naturally, this cannot be done overnight, but if the “autopsy” report from 2013 had endorsed my prescription for the GOP, then perhaps there would be life after Trump. Instead, the GOP (but for Trump) would be waving the white surrender flag.
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