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Berlin: large demo against Covid measures to take place on Saturday

A court on Friday scrapped the ban imposed by the state's authorities. The organizers, a Stuttgart-based group calling themselves "Querdenker 711" (Lateral thinkers 711) are calling for the immediate removal of the German government and the termination of all coronavirus measures. They expect more than 22,000 people to arrive in Berlin, with bus trips organized from around the country.

Political scientist Jasmin Riedel said the decision to ban could be seen from two perspectives: legally and politically.

"On the one hand there is the possibility to limit open-air gatherings, but corona has left us in a unique situation. Before anything can be banned, it would be important to check if special requirements like face masks and social distancing can be upheld."

From the political perspective, however, Riedl said it was "extremely clumsy" of Berlin's interior senator Geisel to add that he didn't want Berlin to be used as a 'backdrop for coronavirus deniers, Reichsbürger and right-wing extremists.'

"In doing so, he "gifted the protesters an extra line of argument," Riedl said.

Most of the German media have tried to link this protest to the extreme right, calling the participants "Covidioten" and "Nazis". The German media also predict acts of violence and clashes with the police. Events that only take place in the Antifa protests.

However, most of the protesters are people without political affiliation, but ordinary citizens, families.

The left-wing propaganda apparatus is working at full throttle.

Sources: Deutsche Welle / MSN
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