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France defends females’ freedom to sunbathe topless, cracks down on those who won’t wear COVID mask

August 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Several French women who were politely asked last Thursday by military police officers to cover up when they were sunbathing topless on a Mediterranean beach at Sainte-Marie-la-Mer have received official support from Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

After the incident had gained attention from national media, with the “gendarmerie nationale” issuing a public apology, Darmanin tweeted on Tuesday: “It is without justification that two women were blamed for their way of dressing on the beach. Freedom is something precious. And it is normal that officials should admit their mistakes.”

At the same time, more and more localities in France are making face masks compulsory because of the COVID-19 crisis as testing and infections have been rising since mid-July – but not daily hospitalizations and deaths that remain very low. Masks, which were deemed “useless” and even counterproductive by government authorities at the height of the epidemic in April, must now be worn in all closed areas receiving the public, businesses where two or more people are in one room or space, in some outside areas defined by local authorities and, since August 27, in the whole of Paris, as well as in schools and universities when they reopen in September.

Not wearing a mask, or wearing it improperly, carries a fine of 135 euro (over $160 US) and the threat of administrative closure of shops and other venues (including churches, although this has not happened to date) where the public does not comply with the regulation.

The implication is clear: ordering citizens to cover their face despite numerous questions as to the effectiveness of a mask regarding an epidemic that is now causing very few deaths compared among a population of 68 million can be mandatory, and is not an impingement on their “precious freedom,” but asking women to refrain from topless sunbathing is a tyrannical measure.

 During the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown in France, police and “gendarmes” dealt innumerable hefty fines to peaceful citizens who walked on beaches, even when they were alone or when their home was adjacent to the coast. Drones, helicopters and special patrols were used to trace the “delinquents.” No mention was made by the authorities of apologies, of citizens’ “precious freedom,” or of the police’s duty to use common sense when enforcing the law.

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