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Berlin police record an average of almost two rapes per day

BERLIN. The Berlin police record an average of around a dozen sexual offenses every day. From March 1 through July 7 this year, officials recorded more than 1,600 cases of sexual harassment, rape, pornography and assault, among other things, a request from the non-attached MP Marcel Luthe (FDP) to the Senate Department. There were also 66 attempted acts of sexual harassment.

On average, the police in the capital register almost two rapes per day or attempted rapes. This year, there were 234 completed or 25 attempted cases during this period. Compared to the previous three years, the numbers remained constant or decreased slightly.

Serious rape: the majority of suspects are foreigners
The proportion of foreign suspects was around 40 percent. In March, for example, 37 percent of the 243 suspects were not German citizens. In the case of rapes in particularly serious cases - if they were particularly humiliating or carried out jointly - foreign suspects were in the majority at 54 percent.

At 67 percent, this was also the case with public harassment and 57 percent with sexual insults. The potential migration background of German suspects was not specified separately. 
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