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Spokeswoman for Thuringia's Interior Minister groped while jogging

SONDERSHAUSEN. The spokeswoman for Thuringia's Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD), Anne Bressem, has been the victim of a sexual assault by a Mediterranean-looking man. According to the police, the crime took place on Sunday morning in the castle park in Sondershausen, Thuringia.

Is Bressem, the lieutenant colonel in the army, announced on Twitter the leaflet police to crime victims and wrote: "My calm while while I'm jogging is gone for now" According to Bild she said Tuesday, the alleged perpetrator repeatedly drove around her with a racing bike and then disappeared.

The attacker was hidden
A few minutes later he grabbed her behind. "I screamed, tried to push him away, ran as fast as I could," said the SPD politician. Finally, she had managed to shake off the man. It was particularly bad that the attacker was hidden.

According to the police, the suspect was around 1.80 to 1.85 meters tall and very slim. He was noticed by a Mediterranean appearance, had slightly curly hair, neon yellow sneakers and an equally yellow T-shirt. According to information, the man was said to have been in the castle park on Saturday.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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