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Berlin police statistics: Leftists don't hate. How can it be possible?

Left-wing extremist violence is reported almost without end from Berlin. Police officers are attacked, beaten, shot at with fireworks, and repeatedly injured. Therefore, one should actually think that there should be many left-wing extremist hate crimes in police statistics. But exactly the opposite is the case. This is the result of a parliamentary question by Marcel Luthe, a member of the FDP in Berlin, about the detection of political crime. It also came out: In Berlin, left-wing extremists commit significantly more politically motivated violent crimes than right-wing extremists: in 2019 there were 257 versus 153. In the media, however, the opposite impression is often created.

That in the case of politically motivated offenses as a whole, i.e. if one does not only take violent offenses, the number of right-wing extremists is higher than that of left-wing extremists, is solely due to the so-called "propaganda offenses", as the Senate's answer to Luthe's request shows. This also includes swastika paintings. As a rule, they are also recorded as right-wing extremists if they are committed by Islamists or as a provocation by left-wing extremists. In addition, each incident is counted individually - even if a right-wing extremist smears many swastikas while intoxicated.

Luthe was taken aback by the government's responses. "It is noticeable that hate crimes are rarely recorded as motivated by the left, although many left-wing extremists have hatred against people because of their social status - for example the job as a police officer," commented the recently excluded from the FDP parliamentary group, but not from the party Luthe the response of the red-red-green Berlin Senate to his request.

The statistics of hate crime do indeed raise many questions. "It is also surprising that left anti-Americanism and hatred of Israel were not recorded; anyone who sees the hatred of the left-wing BDS movement against Israel must doubt the precision of the statistical recording," said Luthe.

In the media, too, hate crime is regularly portrayed as an exclusively right-wing offense. In terms of definitions and statistics, this seems like cheating through a politically acceptable definition.

The liberal warns: "The greatest source of so-called" political violence "in Berlin is by far the left-wing extremism; it must be the task of all democrats to fight it consistently." And further: "There is no 'political violence'. Those who resort to violence does not act politically, but leaves the political discourse and is simply a violent criminal."

The full answer to Luthe's request can be found here. The document clearly demonstrates how politically motivated crime statistics can be used to create and manipulate mood. It is particularly bitter that many media take on exactly this mood-making and manipulation instead of questioning what it would be their job to do.

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