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Berlin's Senator for the Interior: Corona demos as a contact exchange for right-wing extremists

After the large Berlin demonstration against government measures to contain the corona pandemic, Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) warned against radicalization of such protests.

Right-wing extremists would do everything to charge and radicalize them in the future, said Geisel on Wednesday in the Committee for the Protection of the Constitution.

At the demonstration with thousands of participants on August 1st, the majority of the participants were not anti-constitutional. In addition to numerous right-wing extremists, so-called Reich citizens and NPD representatives also took to the streets.

The greatest success of the right-wing extremists was that there was no significant demarcation between them and the other demonstrators. "Corona demos will become a stage and contact exchange for right-wing extremists," said the SPD politician on Twitter.

Despite the increasing number of infections, the demonstrators did not adhere to the requirements at the time. No clearances were observed, and mouth-nose protection was not worn. The police eventually broke up the rally.

The federal government had also sharply criticized the disregard of the current restrictions. A spokeswoman said that the behavior of many demonstrators took advantage of the great good of freedom of demonstration.

Source: BZ-Berlin
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