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Survey in Europe: Migration is a bigger threat than climate change

BERLIN. Around a fifth of Europeans see immigration as the greatest threat to national security. As the polling institute YouGov announced on Wednesday, 21 percent of those surveyed in 13 EU countries and in Great Britain said that migration was the greatest threat to security in their country. The survey was commissioned by the European University Institute.

According to the representative survey, the Greeks (64 percent) named migration first. In Germany it was 24 percent. More Germans saw immigration as a threat than climate change (16 percent). For Poles and Danes, however, with 24 and 21 percent respectively, the climatic consequences are the greatest danger. After migration and climate change, Europeans see terrorism as the greatest threat.

Almost half consider the EU to be incompetent when it comes to defense
The survey also shows that half of the Europeans surveyed trust their governments when it comes to improving their country's military defense. The Swedes (34 percent) and Germans (36 percent) have the least confidence in it. The Dutch (64 percent) and Greeks (61 percent) most often see their governments as competent on this issue.

Almost half (46 percent) of the participants said they have no confidence in the European Union when it comes to improving military security. This value was greatest in Greece (67 percent), Sweden (54 percent) and Germany (51 percent).

Three out of five respondents (59 percent) said that NATO was important for the defense of their country. A little more than a fifth (21 percent) saw it differently. With this view, Germany was slightly below the European average at 19 percent.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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