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Coronavirus: Facebook deleted millions of posts with questionable information

Since April, Facebook has deleted more than seven million posts containing information about the Coronavirus that the social network says could endanger people's health. Around 98 million less dangerous content with dubious information had been provided with warning notices, the company announced yesterday. For some time now, Facebook has taken a tougher course on potentially dangerous information, such as alleged treatments, and clashing with US President Donald Trump.

The company also admitted that the crisis made it more difficult to intervene in contributions that indicate that users want to harm themselves. While automated software is used to detect hate speech, for example, the role of human auditors is still very important in these cases. The move from the office to the home office made their work more difficult.

Numerous deaths according to a study
Misinformation through rumors and conspiracy theories related to the coronavirus has killed hundreds of people around the world since the pandemic began. A study published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene showed that thousands had to be treated in hospitals because of misinformation, which was largely spread on social networks.


Photo: Gallup/Getty Images
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