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Germany: The number of foreign suspects is increasing sharply

BERLIN. The proportion of foreign suspects in serious criminal and violent offenses has increased sharply in recent years. As can be seen from a response from the federal government to a petition from the AfD. Foreigners were 35.1 percent more responsible for such crimes last year than in 2009. And this despite the fact that violent crime has been in the past few years decreased.

Ten years ago foreigners made up 23.5 percent of all suspects, in 2019 it was around 37.5 percent. While the number of German suspects fell from 156,226 to 108,223 between 2009 and 2019, that of non-German suspects rose from 48,039 to 64,917 in the same period. Between 2014 and 2019 alone, their share grew by around ten percent.

Crime by foreigners is increasing in many areas
In the case of crimes such as murder, manslaughter and homicide on request, the proportion of foreigners among the suspects has even increased to 39.7 percent since 2013 (plus 54.5 percent). It was similar with rape and sexual coercion. In 2009 around 28 percent of all suspects did not have a German passport. In 2016 it was almost 39 percent. This corresponds to an increase of 43.1 percent.

The amendment of the sex criminal law in November 2016 created new criminal offenses, so that a comparison with the previous years is not possible.

In the case of robbery offenses, the proportion of foreigners has risen by 12.3 percent to 39.7 percent in recent years and in the case of serious and dangerous physical injuries by 38.7 percent to 37.3 percent.

In the case of minor physical injuries, foreigners made up 58.5 percent of all suspects in 2019.

AfD: True numbers are much worse
For the AfD MP Stephan Brandner, who initiated the request, the numbers confirm with "terrifying clarity that we have had mass immigration of murderers, rapists, violent criminals, robbers and thieves for years".

For every crime committed in Germany by a foreigner, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) "and all multicultural parties" have a moral and legal responsibility, Brandner told Junge Freiheit. At the same time, the AfD MP complained that the crime statistics were completely distorted because offenders with several nationalities were only assessed as German. "So the truth is much worse," emphasized Brandner.

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