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Migrants who land among tourists: here is the scenario experienced in Lampedusa

 It almost seems that in Lampedusa there is no more notice: the landing of a boat or an inflatable boat on the island does not detract greatly from the moods of citizens and tourists who, accustomed to such scenarios, continue with their daily lives also while new migrants arrive.

At least 26 were aboard a rubber boat landed on the beach of the island of Rabbits, the most popular tourist resort of Lampedusa: today more than 100 migrants have arrived here, an increasingly critical situation.
 It happened, for example, also in the last few hours, when a dinghy with 26 people on board arrived on the island of Rabbits, the most famous beach of Lampedusa. Fortunately, tourists are back here: after weeks of emptiness that made many local operators fear the worst, now the crystal clear sea of this suggestive location sees several bathers sunbathing again and returning to admire one of the most beautiful views of the whole Mediterranean.

Except that, in fact, in the background at some point this afternoon a rubber dinghy appeared that slowly approached the point where several tourists were sitting along the beach. It was immediately understood that it was the umpteenth landing of these days. Those who were present, however, did not break up: those who were in the water continued to bathe, those who instead at the beach gave a curious look at what was happening.

 A patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza meanwhile went to meet the dinghy, then dragging the migrants out of the boat. On the mainland, the police prepared to escort the occupants of the dinghy directly to the crowded reception center. Chronicle of a landing that was seen by many swimmers, but that was not the only one of the day: only in the afternoon two other landings were counted, for a total of 66 migrants arrived in Lampedusa. In the morning, however, another 7 boats have brought a total of 45 people.

And the emergency on the island shows no signs of abating, especially in the area of the reception center of the Imbriacola district, from where the transfers to Porto Empedocle and the rest of Sicily continue. The surge in landings in the last few weeks is perhaps the most important in the last two years, with the time that seems to have gone back to the hottest months of the migratory emergency experienced between 2016 and 2017.

All this while the overlap between the immigration issue and the health emergency is creating strong pressure on the Sicilian law enforcement and reception facilities. Mass escapes from Porto Empedocle and Caltanissetta have left their mark between local administrators and public opinion.

From many sides, greater security is requested, but above all, hope is given to mitigate the pace of landings. The typically summer weather of these days on the contrary, is favoring more and more departures especially from Tunisia. This is precisely the most important front: of the 12,500 migrants who arrived in Italy in 2020, about a third are Tunisians. And the landings of the last few hours have done nothing but confirm this serious growing trend.

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