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Appeasement Does Not Work

Written by John (the other John).

We are constantly bombarded by powerful Leftists (ex. media, academia, government, Judiciary, big tech, private militants [BLM, Anti-fact]) to accept as religion their message that we are bad, they are good. And if we do not accept this message, then we will be under attack (both by violence and by economic harm [ex., job loss, business damage]). And because most Conservatives have families, have good jobs or businesses, and have roots in the community, it is not that simple to fight back or to pack up and leave town. So because Conservatives do not like conflict, they are very likely to just succumb to our enemies’ demands for the sake of hopefully obtaining peace. But the question then becomes, will there actually be peace if they merely appease these Leftists’ demands?

Let me answer this question by me rephrasing an old Winston Churchill quote into my own words:
“Lest you watch the crocodiles eating other people, with you foolishly thinking that their hunger will be nourished; but alas, when the crocodiles become hungry again and there is no one else left for them to eat, then it is you who appeased them whom they will eat”.1

Simply put, no; there will not be peace! Much like the Angel of Death who no matter how many souls he has previously taken, he still wants more. Same with these Leftists, they always want more; they will not stop until they take your livelihood and your life.

So just remember, appeasement does not work!

1 The actual Winston Churchill quote is: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”

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