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Quebec contractor that was given $382 MILLION by Trudeau has failed to ship any masks so far

A Trudeau-appointed contractor who was tasked by the government to ship masks has failed to ship any. This came in spite of the contractor being awarded $382 million by the Trudeau government.

The government awarded this contract to Medicom—a Montreal-based company who do not have any factories in Canada, according to Blacklock's Reporter

"To date the Public Health Agency has not received surgical masks from Medicom’s Canadian production facility," said a Public Health Agency spokesperson.

Medicom hubristically asserted that these masks would arrive quickly. Despite this having proven untrue, the Trudeau government is yet to pull the contract.

Medicom were awarded an unprecedented ten-year contract. All of this took place without bidding. The reason for this (if one is to be generous) is due to the Trudeau government's decision to speed up post-pandemic policy.

The government, with the help of the NDP, partially suspended the power of parliament—meaning the ability to scrutinize dodgy legislation was lost.

In June, government officials testified that there was a necessity for Canadian-made medical products and that these products would arrive in the summer.

"We would hope that very soon, I would say in the summer period, it would be up and running and beginning manufacture in Canada," said the Liberal deputy minister for industry.
As of August 10, this medical equipment is yet to arrive.

Medicom closed their last Canadian factory last year. Despite this, the Quebec firm were given $4 million by the Trudeau government to set up a factory in Montreal.

"Today, Canada has no domestic N95 or surgical mask production capacity and is completely reliant on imports," said a Trudeau government official.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a pressing and critical need to build domestic capacity, mitigating the risk of shortages in the near and long term."

Source:   Post Millennial 
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