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The Berlin Spectator: "independent and nonpartisan"

Written by Mr. Currywurst.

In February I found The Berlin Spectator, a self-proclaimed "independent" and nonpartisan" news site in English, and its existence caught my curiosity as I had been looking for an alternate local news site to The Local Germany (which has a big lean to the left).

The site offered a chance for some fresh air, the opportunity to finally read unbiased, well-measured recounts of the daily events in the city and the rest of the country. Something we all need in the current troubled world we live in.

Imanuel Marcus is the editor-in-chief, but he previously worked as a correspondent for German and Swiss radio stations in former Yugoslavia and the United States. He claims to have returned to journalism more than five years ago by reporting about the unfolding refugee crisis from Croatia and Bulgaria, and he also wrote for for online media in Eastern Europe.

Imanuel Marcus (Twitter)

This is how Imanuel Marcus describes The Berlin Spectator:
"The Berlin Spectator is an independent and nonpartisan publication which delivers its content while adhering to the main principles of journalism, including accuracy, fairness and impartiality."
Let's see if he is not lying to his readers:

Back in February, I found they referred to AfD as "danger to democracy", "Right-Wing Extremists", "Germany’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes". So many adjectives, so much effort so that people could get the message clear: AfD, bad people, period.

I asked him for evidence for every statement against AfD. He refused to give any and he blocked me on Twitter. The "journalist".

Activism, not journalism
Yesterday, around 20,0000 people (some say more, other less) marched through the streets of Berlin to protest against the Covid restrictions imposed by the federal government. People from different parts of the city and around gathered to protest, including many left-wing activists who opposed the meddling of the German state in their private lives.

However, for Mr. Marcus they were Nazis!

In the article published on his site Marcus wrote, among other things that "those Corona deniers were joined far far-right extremists", that "It is not the first time Nazis and other antisemitic haters join protests of Corona deniers." He also mentioned that some participants were aggressive because they "accused The Berlin Spectator’s reporter of being 'left-wing' and of wearing a mask 'for no reason'. Another protester told him the mask was “unnecessary and ridiculous” because there was no virus."

He didn't say anything about riots and damages caused by far-left activists who were protesting against evictions in the district of Neukölln, Berlin.

More information about the far-left protests here.

Empty pockets
There is a long list of articles plagued with distortion, lies and strange omissions. I invite the reader to confirm with other sources if the work done by The Berlin Spectator is "independent" and "nonpartisan". I challenge you!

Fortunately, Mr. Marcus' journalistic adventure is a total failure. One should only see his desperate cry for help at the end of each article. Money is needed!

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