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“The State at its Borders” - Thilo Sarrazin presents new book

How can immigration in Germany and Europe be controlled in the long term so that “we can shape our cultural, social and economic future as Germans and Europeans in a self-determined manner?” This is the question that is being addressed in the new book, written by the publicist and former Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin. “The state at its borders” is the deliberately ambiguous title of this almost 500-page discussion about migration issues, which was published almost exactly ten years to the day after its first sensational box office hit “Germany abolishes itself”.

Sarrazin goes way back in history, also to counter what he calls a morally colored determinism. This is often expressed in the assertions that immigration has always existed, that immigration is beneficial and immigration is inevitable, and that resistance is therefore pointless. “All three statements are wrong,” summarizes the former Berlin Senator for Finance. Through historical retrospect he comes to the conclusion that immigration to populated areas with “almost iron law” for the local population means a falling standard of living, increased mortality, bloodshed and even genocide. "If immigration is of any use, it has been to the immigrants themselves since the beginning of human history."

Sarrazin: Immigration was an exception
If the subsequent conflicts had been overcome after decades or centuries, a new culture could emerge from the connection between immigrants and locals. In the exceptional historical cases in which the immigrants were few in number, better educated and particularly hardworking, immigration could also raise the cultural and economic level in the destination country. Sarrazin names the Huguenots in Brandenburg or Jewish immigration to Central Europe as examples.

For large stretches of European history - until 1960 - immigration was also the exception rather than the rule. States and societies that experienced long periods of stability and prosperity either thrived behind the protection of natural borders or were particularly successful in defending their settlement area. “The rule over the border is the central element in the control of migration”.

In doing so, as Henryk M. Broder made clear in his introductory speech at the book launch , he contradicts not only political correctness, but also the spirit of the UN migration pact. For Sarrazin it is clear that Brexit is ultimately the British answer to this border question. And it goes even further: If the protection of the European external borders cannot be achieved, the return to national border security is the necessary consequence. "If the Schengen problem is not resolved, the European Union will not continue to exist", is the conclusion of the bestselling author.

Against his critics, who will now again accuse him of "misanthropic" arguments, Sarrazin brings up the methodology that he internalized as a research assistant and as a tool after many years in the German bureaucracy: "You have to look carefully at a situation, arrange the relevant facts, ask the right questions and then come to justifiable analyzes. "

"No moral right to immigration"
This is how he always goes about writing his books. “In the end you have to stand by what you have put on paper.” This includes his statement that there is “no moral right to immigrate to a foreign country”.

In his remarks on ethnogenesis, which takes many centuries to complete, i.e. the history of the origins of a people (in the case of the Germans, this is a good 600 years), Sarrazin does not speak of an alleged genetic homogeneity. He emphasizes this at the latest in the foray into his own ancestry: He is a "European promenade mixture" - with ancestors from France, Switzerland, West Prussia and England.

The SPD, which had recently excluded its long-time member Sarrazin after several unsuccessful attempts, is no longer “a serious partner” when it comes to immigration policy, says the ex-comrade. Nevertheless, he will defend himself against his expulsion in court, he emphasized.

His publisher Michael Fleissner has not the slightest doubt that the new “Sarrazin” will also become a bestseller. Already now, announced the Langen-Müller boss confidently at the presentation on Monday, there were six-digit orders.

Source: Junge Freiheit
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