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Originalism vs. “Living and Breathing” Concepts: How Cultural Hegemony Influenced the West’s Destruction

Written by John (the other John).

We often hear the words “originalist” or “living and breathing” in the context of Constitutional interpretation in the US. In other words, do the words in the Constitution get interpreted as originally intended by the Framers of the Constitution, or do the words get interpreted instead by a more modern “shifty” usage of those words. So basically, do we apply the laws with a reliable defined standard for us to live our daily lives, or do we have an unreliable undefined standard that alters directions like the wind based on the latest fad. This has been a dilemma for the US Judiciary for over 200 years.

Turn the clock ahead a hundred or so years to the 1920s US, when European Communists fled National Socialist Germany and they brought with them the ideology of International Socialism. Their goal; to destroy the nation that saved their lives and gave them freedom. One major way to accomplish this was with “Cultural Hegemony” (invented by Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci while in prison [a Johnny Depp look-alike]) by transforming all of our nations’ beliefs, values, and mores into those of their choosing by means of the Communists infiltrating the media, academia, etc…

Turn the clock ahead another 100 years to the year 2020. By this point, every aspect of American life has been transformed due to the Communist infiltration. We now reflect in dismay and wonder how they did this so subtly, yet with hindsight it was so obvious. One way was the population-swap by importing tens of millions of people from the 3rd World; but I will instead focus on how this was accomplished with good ol’ Americans themselves.

Let us return to the first paragraph of “originalism” vs. “living and breathing” concept; but instead of the Constitution, let us focus on basic everyday words in which the “originalist” usage of simple words have been transformed based on the “living and breathing” idea:

  • Racism:
    • Originalist definition: hatred of other racial groups; acting superior, while treating others as inferior
    • “living and breathing” definition: any ideology contradicting the popular belief of Leftist groups

  • Female:

    • Originalist definition: denoting the gender that can bear offspring or produce eggs; having two X chromosomes; having female body parts

  • “living and breathing” definition: just imagine it and you can have taxpayers and/or your     insurance    company fund your transforming surgery (under threat of lawsuit)

    • “peaceful assembly”:
    • Originalist definition: an un-disturbing and tranquil gathering of people

  • “living and breathing” definition:
    • White people (unwoken only): sit down, shut up, get re-education training; oppose your whiteness
    • Non-white people (including woke whites): loot, arson, property damage, violently assault, murder
  • Nazi:
    • Originalist definition: a member, supporter, or collaborator of the German National Socialist Party
    • “living and breathing” definition: any ideology contradicting the popular belief of Leftist groups
  • black lives matter (not the group):
    • Originalist definition: the life of black people matter; equality; freedom
  • “living and breathing” definition:
    • black people who were harmed by white people are the only one’s that matter (because it means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
      • black victims of black crimes do not matter
      • the murder of an estimated tens of millions of pre-born black babies do not matter (babies interfere with people’s libido)
    • a free-Palestinian State
    • Oppose nuclear family, and instead promote infidelity and numerous $€x partners
    • Legalize prostitution
    • Legalize drugs
    • Abolish the police
    • Empty out the prisons
    • Censor speech

  • I can continue ad nauseum with this, but you get the idea here. All this changing of the definition of simple everyday words is intended to cause confusion so the Leftists can always proclaim us to being some form of “…ism…” or a “…phobe…”, whilst they claim moral superiority. And it is our Christian tolerance that allowed this to occur because we just “turn the other cheek” instead of fighting back. The Communists saw this nearly 100 years ago when they fled Germany, and they made the US a petri dish of their wicked ideas.

    It is too late for the US to return to originalism, as the entire young generation has been subjected to indoctrination attempts (as are many government employees and corporate employees). Even if Trump wins in 2020, then what happens in 2024? Let this be a lesson to other nations, do not be tolerant of traitors; instead, traitors must be destroyed.
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