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AfD: A party without leadership

Written by Jörg Kürschner for Junge Freiheit.

Parties are sometimes constructive, sometimes destructive - without exception. Who knows that the AfD parliamentary group is working on a variety of political issues this week? For example, formulated a position paper on the renaming of streets, applied for a corona investigation committee, prepared the plenary sessions of the Bundestag. And, and, and... Constructive activities by the largest opposition faction that are mostly ignored in the mainstream media.

Instead, the media focus on destructive actions, currently misanthropic statements, which are attributed to the former press spokesman of the Bundestag faction, Christian Lüth, by means of a recorded memory protocol. Shoot and gass migrants. Unbearable, disgusting.

Series of debacles
Its “strategic” idea that the AfD was due to a chaos in Germany like 2015 in order to achieve election successes fatally reminds of the CSU icon Franz Josef Strauss. In the seventies, the powerful politician from Bavaria was heavily criticized for his "Sonthofen strategy" that the opposition should not offer any solutions to the massive economic problems in order to improve their own election chances after the failure of the SPD / FDP government.

Destructive action in the AfD is not limited to the behavior of Mr. Lüth, who had already boasted a few months ago as a “fascist”. The faults in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein are also extremely destructive. The directional struggles there led to the disintegration of the factions. With far-reaching consequences: grants and rooms in the state parliament are no longer applicable, parliamentary participation is massively restricted. There is already talk of exclusion proceedings against the dissidents. A year ago, the AfD parliamentary group in Bremen's citizenship broke up.

Series of debacles, the causes of which are to be found in the power vacuum of the federal party. The two party leaders Jörg Meuthen and Tino Chrupalla block each other, a content-related tour does not take place. Bourgeois-conservative politics with a parliamentary focus or movement party with emphasis on the street? The dispute over the direction of the party leadership also paralyzes the party structures.

The parliamentary group also appears tired
The top of the Bundestag parliamentary group also seems tired from the constant quarrels, like the case of Andreas Kalbitz. They were last on the offensive at the end of 2018, when they drove the coalition along with its justified criticism of the UN migration pact. That was (too) long ago. An alternative to the politics of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who for years has relied on the lack of contours between the coalition and the rest of the opposition, is still needed.

A few months before the super election year 2021 with elections in the federal government and numerous states, the AfD is in a serious crisis. If the destruction continues to obscure the construction, voters in the federal election in a year's time will ask whether the AfD is really an alternative for Germany. Your initial successes could then be forgotten.

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