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Argentina: mother of leftist journalist dies because her daughter refused to donate plasma to help others

Leftist journalist Nancy Pazos wrote last Monday on social networks that her mother had died as a result of the coronavirus. The journalist also recounted, in relation to this, a decision she had made during her mother's illness. She said that because she was a patient recovered from Covid-19, she refused to donate plasma because she considered that there were patients "who need it much more," a decision that was received with criticism on the Internet.

After a few words of love for his mother and assuring her that she was going to miss her, Pazos wrote a message about her decision regarding the plasma donation.

"I also want to tell you something," she said. "I inherited an unattainable concept of ethics from my mother. It was in honor of how she handled herself in her life that when they offered me to give her plasma, after thinking about it a lot, I refused. Knowing that it is a rare good and that she would have prioritized the others."

"Doc, I thank you very much, but I prefer plasma to be used by people with more vitality than Mom. I know there is not enough for everyone," she wrote then on WhatsApp. "And the truth, my personal and civic conscience make me be convinced that there are patients who need it much more. Thank you very much," the message concluded.

Regarding this type of criticism, Pazos commented: "It hurts me for my children. I am already hardened. Oddly enough, I have tolerated for years that they call me spiteful."

Source: La Nación
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