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Jan Böhmermann, the woke "comedian" from Germany who blocked almost 14,000 Twitter accounts

He uses the function of blocking Twitter users “extensively”, explains entertainer Jan Böhmermann. With whom he does not want to interact online, he can decide on the basis of certain triggering words.

The TV presenter and satirist Jan Böhmermann (39) has been very active on Twitter for years. In an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, the creator of programs such as "Neo Magazin Royale" or "ZDF Magazin Royale" now describes his tactic of blocking many Twitter accounts.

He has been using this function "extensively since December 2015," said Böhmermann. “The idea came to me that the Internet was a place where everyone can communicate with each other. In 2015, this medium released what had built up in reality: hatred."

In his book, coming out Thursday (September 10th), “Followed by Nobody You Follow: Twitter Diary. 2009-2020 ”(Kiepenheuer & Witsch) Böhmermann reveals that he blocked almost 14,000 Twitter accounts. "Before I block someone, I always look carefully at what they post," he said in the interview. "I often use leaked terms as an indicator."

“Many people showed their rejection of the free-democratic basic order and its institutions through language, said Böhmermann.

“It's like the dentist checking with blue paint where you haven't brushed well. As soon as you are in this world and have swallowed the leachate, it is noticeable linguistically.” And “I don't want this poison in my Twitter feed (...). Not for me and not for my audience.” Böhmermann has a good two million followers on Twitter.

The Böhmermann affair
Twenty people lodged a complaint because of a poem named "Schmähkritik" ("abusive criticism") Böhmermann presented in his satire show "Neo Magazin Royale" that aired on the ZDF public channel on 31 March 2016. The proceedings instituted by the prosecutor's office for "insulting of organs and representatives of foreign states" are based on principles §103 and §104 in the German penal code. Böhmermann, among other things, called Turkish president Erdogan "the man who beats girls", and said that Erdogan loved to "fuck goats and suppress minorities, kick Kurds, hit Christians, and watch child pornography." Much of the rest of the poem is devoted to associating Erdogan with various less accepted forms of sexuality. Böhmermann deliberately played with the limits of satire and said several times that this form of abusive criticism was not allowed in Germany. The poem was released two weeks after the German political satire TV show extra 3 had aired a critical song about Erdogan, which led to protests of the Turkish government. The ZDF channel distanced itself from the poem. The Turkish government released a verbal note in which it demanded the criminal prosecution of Böhmermann. According to the law, the government has to approve the demand for criminal prosecution by a foreign government, before criminal proceedings can be started because of §103/104 StGB. Therefore Angela Merkel accepted the request from Turkey to seek his prosecution, but stressed that the acceptance was not due to the merits of the prosecution case.

In October 2016, the prosecutors dropped the case, saying they had not found sufficient evidence to continue the inquiry against Jan Boehmermann.

Reconquista Internet
On April 26, 2018 Böhmermann launched a civil rights movement called Reconquista Internet, for "love and reason on the Internet and a civilization of social discourse in social networks."

The aim is concerted actions to counter hateful, insulting and inciting statements by radical network activists with reason and decency. Of course, only when those actions come from conservatives.

Therefore they targeted accounts of AfD politicians, supporters to that political party and anyone who would oppose to Merkel's open borders policy.

It is interesting to see that the comedian who was a victim of his humor now supports the cancellation of other colleagues for criticizing left-wing activists and related political movements, as well as blocking thousands of users with whom he disagrees.

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