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Fridays for Future's dropout: Climate protesters are unrealistic

BERLIN. The “Fridays for Future” dropout, Clemens Traub, described the world view of leading figures in the German climate movement as “lifted off”. Many of the supporters would never have left their "privileged bubble" and therefore had little idea of ​​the concerns of the population. Numerous climate protectors are only on the move in their own milieu and hardly experienced any contradiction there. "I noticed that many of my fellow campaigners were convinced that they had leased the only truth," said Traub to Die Welt.

Many followers of "Fridays for Future" grew up very sheltered. Therefore, they do not understand that for some Germans, climate protection “in their worried situation is perhaps only second or third”. Instead, their thinking is increasingly focused on a black and white concept of good and bad, said Traub. At some point, the climate protest felt like a “total, authoritarian fight against the rest of humanity”.

For him there is particularly a lack of understanding and compassion for those whose lives would be endangered by climate protection measures. For example, he had drawn the attention of a fellow campaigner to the threat of unemployment for workers in the coal industry. The answer he got was: "They'll get Hartz IV." (the unemployment and welfare package in Germany).

ARD “Tagesschau” grants climate movement an “incomprehensible role”
“Fridays for Future” only appears with the absolute certainty that “they are morally on the right side”. Compromises, however, would be viewed as "reprehensible". "Many activists now see democratic processes as a betrayal of the future of humanity," said Traub.

The climate movement would be massively supported by the media, for example the ARD news show “Tagesschau”. There “Fridays for Future” is given an “incomprehensible role”. "We are dealing with an absolute over-representation in the urban, green bubble," criticized Traub.

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