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Germans fear Trump more than Coronavirus

BERLIN. Germans are most afraid of the policies of US President Donald Trump. This was the result of the annual survey “The Fears of the Germans” by R + V Insurance. According to this, the policy of the American head of state is more worrying than an infection with the coronavirus for 53 percent of those surveyed. "The Germans are by no means reacting in panic to the pandemic," said the head of the R + V information center, Brigitte Römstedt, in Wiesbaden.

The Heidelberg political scientist Manfred Schmidt, who was involved in the evaluation of the study, emphasized the fear of Trump is justified. With his foreign policy, the head of state repeatedly causes serious complications. "Particularly outstanding cases are the trade war-like conflicts with China and the trade and security policy attacks against allied states, including Germany," said Schmidt. Trump's politics were already the Germans' biggest concern in the 2018 survey.

Fear of wealth
With regard to the pandemic, on the other hand, only one in three people fear that someone in their environment will be infected with the virus or that they will contract it themselves. Around 42 percent feared that globalization could lead to more frequent pandemics in the future. "According to our findings, people are much more afraid that the virus will threaten their prosperity than their health," explained Römstedt.

This is also noticeable in the ranking of fears. The fear of rising costs of living has increased by eight percentage points and is therefore in second place. In third place followed concerns about being asked to pay due to the EU debt crisis. In the previous year, this was still the eighth greatest fear.

The fear of an economic slump has also skyrocketed. Compared to 2019, it has increased by 13 percentage points. "The fear that a second wave of corona infections could bring a further, even deeper economic slump contributes to the widespread uncertainty about the future of the economy," explained Schmidt.

Fear of terror at low point
Domestic political concerns, which had always occupied the top positions in recent years, have consistently lost their importance. Fear of immigration has fallen the most and is now at its lowest level in five years. Accordingly, 43 percent of those surveyed feared tensions between Germans and foreigners living here due to the further influx of migrants.

The concerns about terror and political extremism had dropped to 35 and 37 percent. In 2017, at 70 and 62 percent, they were still the greatest fears of Germans.

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