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Pakistani stabs a German to secure another stay in the country

COTTBUS. The Cottbus district court issued an arrest warrant on Thursday against a Pakistani who had attacked a young local with a knife on Wednesday for no apparent reason. The police and the public prosecutor announced that the 28-year-old immigrant was being investigated for attempted murder.

In addition, the police searched the Pakistan's home and seized numerous pieces of evidence. The investigation into the motive of the act was ongoing. According to BZ-Berlin and Bild, the suspect has already confessed to an officer. According to this, Abdulsalam R. wanted to injure or kill someone in order to “secure another stay in Germany”. His residence permit recently expired.

The motive in the interrogation differs "considerably"
A spokesman for the Cottbus public prosecutor said on Friday when asked by Junge Freiheit that the alleged perpetrator had also commented on a possible motive in the interrogation that has now taken place. However, this differs “considerably” from the motive mentioned in the media. The latter is also not noted in the files.

Abdulsalam R. is strongly suspected of having stabbed a 19-year-old apprentice electrician in the back with a kitchen knife on Wednesday morning shortly after half past five. The victim had to undergo emergency surgery in a hospital and was meanwhile in mortal danger.

According to the reports, victim and perpetrator did not know each other. According to the public prosecutor, Abdulsalam R. was already known to the police for several offenses.

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