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Germany: New climate protection party wants to run for the federal election in 2021

Climate protection activists are planning to found a new party that will run for the federal election next year.

Berlin (dts news agency) - Representatives of several small parties are currently discussing a merger to support the initiative, co-initiator Bianca Praetorius said to Focus magazine. Among them are members of the Animal Welfare Party, the Pirate Party, the Europe party Volt and the satirical party Die Partei, reports the magazine. Members of the Fridays for Future movement, Extinction Rebellion and Marco Bülow, a member of the Bundestag, are also taking part in the talks.

"Our goal is to create the five percent hurdle and thus move into the Bundestag," Praetorius told Focus. The main goal of the new party should be to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and to implement the necessary measures. "Party of the Future" and "Party for Climate Justice" are currently possible names for the alliance, reports the magazine.

The chairman of Volt Germany, Paul Loeper, sees many "programmatic overlaps" between the small parties and environmentalists. The managing director of the Pirate Party Berlin, Franz-Josef Schmitt, wants to stop the fragmentation of the party landscape with the initiative. It is easier together to "bring people into parliaments," said Schmitt.

Photo: McPhoto/Leitner/Alamy Stock Photo
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