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“It’s a Good Life”, in the Twilight Zone

Written by John (the other John).

In 1961, the TV show the Twilight Zone aired an episode called “It’s a Good Life”, in which the storyline was that of a 6 year old boy who had God-like powers and who could read people’s minds, thus everyone was afraid of him because he could kill them if unhappy. With this fear, everyone lived under the rule of the kid, and they had to constantly please the kid by telling him that he is good, or for them to agree to do everything he demanded of them. As a young child with such powers, naturally he was never properly disciplined, thus the kid was unable to comprehend that what he was doing was wrong.

At one point, one lone adult decided to confront the kid, but no other adult dared challenge the kid. In retaliation, the kid caused grave harm to that lone adult, causing the other fearful adults to tell the kid how wonderful he was.
Right about now, you may be wondering what does this TV episode have anything to do with the present political situation; my response is that it has everything to do with modern day politics.

Basically, we have the never-disciplined all-powerful kid (i.e., BLM, Anti-fact, big tech, media) who inspires fear to the logical adults (us), by most of us pandering to these thugs despite us knowing that what they are doing is wrong, but we self-censor our opposition and instead we nod our heads in collective agreement. And if any one of us dare challenge them, they can cancel us.

So as Rod Serling so eloquently told us nearly 60 years ago, “It’s a Good Life, in the Twilight Zone”.
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