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Julia Klöckner: Patriarchal men are the problem for equality not Islam

The deputy CDU chairwoman Julia Klöckner sees in patriarchal men an essential reason for deficits in the equality of women, not in Islam.

Berlin - "For me, the question is not what someone believes, but how they behave. In this country, women and men have equal rights and women do not have to cover themselves, while men have all the blessings of freedom", said Klöckner on Thursday to Bild newspaper. That is her standard, and she doesn't care about religion.

Religion is often also used to "maintain a traditional understanding of roles over decades and generations". For her, the question is: "What role do men with a patriarchal image play?" There are reactionary circles in Christianity too. "If little girls are supposed to cover their hair because they supposedly trigger a stimulus in men, then the girl is not the problem, then the man is the problem. He can blindfold his eyes."

Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa
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