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Moria refugee camp in Lesbos destroyed by fire. Last Monday NGOs asked Germany to take 13,000 migrants

Last Monday NGOs Seebrücke, Sea-Watch, Campact and LeaveNoOneBehind. set up 13,000 of chairs outside the German parliament in Berlin to underline their calls to take in migrants from Moria, the overcrowded refugee camp on a Greek island.

Today, the Moria refugee camp is under fire. Authorities reported several fire points and the situation is out of control. The whole place is believed to be destroyed and thousands of refugees are fleeing the area while the police is trying to gain control of the situation.

According to some early reports, the whole camp is engulfed in flames and fire points appear in different parts of the area. Some argue the fire is intentional. NGOs were threatening to bring it down.

Source: Twitter
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