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What is Political Power in 2020?

Written by John (the other John).

The question of “what is political power” has different answers depending on who you ask, and when in history it is asked. A generic definition can be that it is the ability to control the behaviour of people and/or to influence the outcome of others’ actions; to control the policies, functions, and culture of society. This broad definition is quite ambiguous, for which it appears to mostly apply to government actors. But can this apply to non-government non-billionaire actors? And can “power” by these people exceed that of government actors? Let us discuss this in detail, but not from the perspective of what a good a person can do, but rather from the perspective of what heinous acts a bad person can commit to ruin a life and to get away with it.

First, the most heinous act a person can commit is murder, a crime that should be universally condemned; so the ultimate power is to be able to commit murder and have no consequence (whether legal consequence or moral consequence). For this, some people can be devoid of moral consequence by the moralizers of society for committing murder, but they still have legal consequence if the relevant authorities decide to pursue finding the killer. So no person really has this power (yet).

Non-Fatal Acts
Next, we will discuss non-fatal acts that some people commit without blame, which demonstrates real power. Let us begin this analysis by discussing violently looting, committing arson, and destruction of public and private property. We saw video footage from the “free stuff” riots that thugs from all stripes were committing these acts in open public, on video, under the view of the police, and they committed these acts not only without fear of any consequence, but with the full support of the Leftist establishment who labeled these hooligans as “peaceful protestors”. But the lie being used to justify these violent acts were that they were committed in protest of honkeys. That is power!

But could this violence spread to other groups who happen to be high on the Leftist identity pyramid? In Portland recently, Anti-fact and BLM goons while on video in public attacked gays and trans people. Being that the gay lobby is extremely powerful, certainly this would be the end for BLM and Anti-fact, right? Wrong. Not a peep from those two groups, nor from gay members of the media (ex., CNN’s Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow), nor the Police. That is power!

But what about our cuddly furry little animals, would attacks on them by “diverse” dudes be overlooked? Recently, there was a video of some punks brutalizing an animal in public; any protest from the animal rights community? No. That is power!

Lastly, there is a non-violent act that causes irreparable harm: a false uncorroborated allegation of racism against a honkey. With the collaboration of the government, the Judiciary, the media, and corporations, such a false allegation can ruin the victim by them getting sacked by their employer, or if they have a business to lose their customer base. Just like that, a life ruined. That is power!

Community Responses To This
In response to these despicable acts:
  • the police are kneeling at the feet of the same people committing these despicable acts
  • woke honkeys are washing the feet of these people
  • corporations are re-educating those with pale-faces on how to be inferior
  • Governments submitting to whatever extortion demand they make
Whoever espoused the concept of “nobody is above the law” obviously was never woke; there is no equality, rather there is non-woke white-inferiority. That my friend is power! That is power that I as a lily white honkey can never have; and if by some miracle I did have such power, I for one would most certainly would never act upon it.
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