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Austria and Denmark against distribution of asylum seekers

In the struggle for the EU asylum reform, Austria and Denmark reject a compulsory distribution of asylum seekers in the EU. "This is a red line for Austria and also for the Danish government", said the Danish immigration and integration minister Mattias Tesfaye after a meeting with European minister Karoline Edtstadler (ÖVP) in Copenhagen. He added that the Danish government was also in favor of asylum procedures outside the EU.

It would be desirable for this to be included in the proposal for an EU migration pact. But Denmark is in favor of a European asylum system.

Edtstadler said Austria and Denmark had defined common red lines with regard to the pact. But the negotiations are only just beginning. With regard to the asylum procedure, she referred to ongoing discussions with Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP).

Edtstadler and Tesfaye condemned the latest terrorist attack in Nice and expressed their "one hundred percent solidarity with France". Regarding the newly flared conflict over the cartoons of Mohammed, Tesfaye, whose country was the focus of protests in the Islamic world against the cartoons in 2006, said uncompromisingly: "There is no compromise on freedom of expression and democratic values. We cannot get to a middle point. " It is important that Europe stand up now and stand up for its values.

Edtstadler also emphasized: "There is no room for compromise on this issue." Europe must stand together and stand up for its values ​​and for freedom of expression.

Source: Kleine Zeitung

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