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Bl*w J*b Lips and Dimples

Written by John (the other John).

In the history of mankind, men have made many bad decisions that resulted in dire consequences for their nation, their business, their family, etc… just so they can get some good $€x. Granted, some of these women were very desirable (ex. Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, etc…), but some were just outright dogs (yet slutty/skanky) that interested some powerful men (ex. Bill Clinton, Crazy Harry formerly-Sussex, etc…). Whichever type of female is at issue, the point being that men have made some bad decisions for “it”.

Turn the clock to the present, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is today’s topic. Her official photo above has her presented with ruby red lips and with her slightly flashing her dimples. Although I find her to be repulsive as a person, I have colleagues of mine (both Leftists and Conservatives) who find her attractive. I expect this from Leftists, but I was surprised to hear this from Conservatives, so I inquired about this. And they all pretty much said the same thing, that she is crazy, but with those lips she could s—k a golf ball thru a 20 meter garden hose. That was a nasty thought, especially because I think of her as being a total sociopath. (See below two photos):

Auditioning for the role of Norma Bates in “Psycho Goes Woke”.

After she ate Jeffrey Dahmer for dinner.

But despite me seeing her as a psychopath, my Conservative colleagues saw her differently:

Having her orgasm.

The “f—k me now” look.

No matter what I said, they were unconvinced; and vice versa. I expect this lunacy from Leftists, but not from Conservatives. But it was not just that their thoughts were disturbing, but that they would also support her politically just so they can keep watching her on-line or on TV.

So there goes the theme of this article, men making bad decisions to jeopardize their nation just for a woman (which is worse here, because they will neither ever meet her nor ever have $€x with her), yet they are willing to sacrifice their nation just for the thought of her. (And even if they somehow were to ever meet her, how stupidly arrogant they are to think that they could f—k the crazy out of her).

But the peril here is not that my Conservative colleagues are infatuated with this first term Congresswoman, but rather that the media and the Democratic Party (and Biden and Bernie) are infatuated with her to the point of giving her a major say over national policy whether (God forbid) Biden wins, or even if he loses, with future Democrat legislation.

Now you may be wondering, why her as being the media darling (as opposed to the other three members of the “squad” or any other Leftist); the reason is because AOC has bl*w j*b lips and dimples (a weakness for many men).

Photos: Wikimedia Commons / Getty Images / Reuters/ Getty Images
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