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More German insanity: Carola Rackete receives Cologne Carnival Prize

COLOGNE. The refugee captain Carola Rackete has been awarded the Karl Küppers Prize of the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee. The initiators of the award, including the city of Cologne, the friends and supporters of Cologne customs, the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee and the Karl Küppers family, announced that they were being honored for their “special level of commitment and moral courage”. The prize, endowed with 10,000 euros, was donated this year. It is named after the carnivalist Karl Küppers, who publicly criticized the National Socialists during the Nazi era.

The President of the Festival Committee, Christoph Kuckelkorn, justified the jury's decision with the commitment of Rackete with refugees. “She showed a lot of courage and humanity when she brought the castaways ashore in Lampedusa and accepted media condemnation, legal persecution and open hostility. That deserves our admiration."

Rackete be a role model for all of us
The chairman of the Friends and Patrons of Cologne Customs, Bernhard Conin, emphasized: “Put your finger in the wound, reveal grievances and also go against the current and show moral courage - Karl Küpper did this like no other and it also lifts Carola Rackete from many people. We need people like them, especially when it comes to difficult issues like the refugee crisis, in order to make solidarity and humanity the guiding principle of our actions."

Rackete, which has joined the radical left-wing forest occupiers in the Dannenröder Forest, is to receive the award from the hands of Cologne's mayor Henriette Reker (independent) on Monday. The mayor said the Rackete was "a role model for all of us and an incentive to work against racism, anti-Semitism and against a division in society".

Murderers, rapists and torturers
According to a report by Il Giornale, last year three of the 40 migrants who were picked up by Rackete’s boat are men who had been accused of raping, torturing, and murdering people in Libya. The suspects were arrested in the reception center in Messina, Italy. 

Police had originally concealed the arrests which occurred on the same day that the migrants disembarked from the ship.

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