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Emigrant from "Goodbye Deutschland" marries 20 years younger Internet flirt in Ghana after three days of meeting

"Goodbye Deutschland" is a tv show about Germans who leave their country following their dreams. Many episodes show lonely women loking for love. Such is the case of Michaela who sets off on her journey to Ghana to meet his online boyfriend who is twenty years younger. After just three days, her chosen one makes her a marriage proposal - and she accepts! Totally naive or totally brave?

Middle-aged, white European is written to by young Africans on social media, falls in love, dreams of getting married - Michaela Vollmer, 48, from Gütersloh, fulfilled the cliché of a woman with the so-called NAWALT-syndrome on "Goodbye Deutschland" (VOX). The five letters stand for "Not All Women Are Like That", as she would actually be any different from the rest of desperate women looking for love in Africa. Does Edward Amankaye, 20 years his junior, really only care about love and not, like many in his situation, about money? And did he imagine the same love as Michaela? "I always wanted a white woman and I prayed to God ..." he let the TV viewers know. When Michaela arrived in Ghana's capital Accra, there was at least one positive surprise: he had lovingly furnished his house for Michaela.

But what did Edward pay for when he was unemployed? And where were 50 of the 240 euros that Michaela had brought from Germany? "Maybe I spent it after all, I don't know..." she told herself. Three days after their arrival, the marriage proposal came on the beach - and Michaela said yes. Irina Wehmann (54) from Hamburg, who also came to Ghana in 2005 for love and met Michaela online, tried to take away a few illusions. She advised the new emigrant to always pay attention to her credit card and to inquire inconspicuously about the lease for the house to check whether it really was Edward's name.

"Goodbye Deutschland" emigrant: ridicule and malice on the net
Michaela Vollmer's love story went through ups and downs: After a few months in which she came back to Germany in the meantime, Edward had "somehow totally changed", he often ignored, or insulted her. The problem: In the meantime he had neither a job nor an apartment, but expected that she would pay for rental costs, which in Ghana are not paid monthly, but yearly - impossible for the early retiree. He, in turn, felt stressed and cramped by her many questions. Even when he works, he sometimes doesn't get paid, he complained. But in the end he had suddenly found money from somewhere that he could contribute to the rent - and after the shooting was over, the VOX editorial staff received wedding pictures of the two.

In the comment columns of the "Goodbye Deutschland" social media channels, women like Michaela or Catrin are scolded: "limitlessly stupid" is one, "self-loving" the other. Anyone who is less likely to enjoy ridicule and malice as a spectator simply wishes the two emigrants good luck. They will probably need it.

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