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Las Vegas man arrested after refusing to break window on his car to save one-year-old daughter's life

Sidney Deal, 27, of Las Vegas, was arrested after leaving his now deceased 1-year-old daughter in a hot car for possibly over an hour.

Deal didn't want to break the window to save his daughter, Sayah Deal, and refused help several times, saying he didn't have the money to fix a broken window or call a tow truck.

According to the NY Post, local police detectives interviewed Deal's brother, who told him he received a call from Deal saying that Sayah had been locked in the car with the keys. He mentioned during that car that the air conditioning was running, which turned out to be false.

Deal's brother, according to the interview, then went quickly to Deal's home as the phone call had worried him.

Arriving at the scene, he immediately wrapped a piece of cloth around his hand to break the window, but Deal stopped him saying he didn't have money to fix the window. He asked his brother to call his mother so that her insurance company could send a locksmith.

Police also spoke with Deal's girlfriend, who told them that he also asked her to call their insurance company, but told her to hang up when they told her a tow truck wasn't covered and he considered the price to be too high.

He then flagged down passing police, who offered to break the window, call a tow truck or get a locksmith. He refused all three options.

Police at this time apparently decided that the child's welfare was potentially at risk and broke the window. They pulled the child out of the car, but it was too late. She died at the scene.

Deal is now facing charges and being held on bail at the Clark County Detention Center.

Source: Post Millennial
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