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Jeremy Corbyn suspended by Labor Party over anti-Semitism

The British opposition Labor Party has allowed anti-Semitist tendencies within its own ranks. That is in the investigation report of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (EHCR), which was presented in London.

Lack of willingness
There have been "inexcusable mistakes" due to a lack of willingness to fight anti-Semitism, said Commission chairwoman Caroline Waters. The party did not hesitate and expelled former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn from the party. He did not want to accept all allegations. He was "always determined to eradicate all forms of racism". But he regrets that the change has taken so long. However, he added that the scale of the problem had been overstated for political reasons.

For years, critics have accused the British Social Democrats of anti-Semitic tendencies - for example in posts on social media. The criticism was often directed at Corbyn himself. He had refused to apologize to Jews for the anti-Semitist tendencies in his party. The politician was also accused of unilateral support for the Palestinians in the Middle East conflict. Corbyn was party leader from 2015 to 2020.

Action plan within six weeks
His successor in office, Keir Starmer, said the release of the report marked a "day of shame". "We failed to stand on the side of the Jews. I apologize for the pain and grief that this caused," said the incumbent party leader. He promised to implement the recommendations of the commission in full. The party must submit the action plan within six weeks.

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