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The number of foreigners required to leave Berlin reaches a record high

BERLIN. The number of foreigners required to leave the country has reached a record high in Berlin. At the end of September, there were 14,027 such people in the federal capital, according to a request from the Berlin AfD deputy Hanno Bachmann to the Senate, which is available to Junge Freiheit.

Accordingly, 12,977 foreigners are tolerated due to missing travel documents as well as for medical or other reasons. Most of the migrants required to leave the country come from Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon. Other people affected come from the Russian Federation, Vietnam, Iran, Turkey, Serbia and Moldova.

"The increase in the number of foreigners legally obliged to leave the country to over 14,000 people shows the extent of the sabotage of the rule of law by the Senate," Bachmann criticized. The influx of new asylum seekers is declining, but is still several hundred people a month.

Seven migrants are in deportation custody in Berlin
According to the answer, Berlin had deported 719 people who were required to leave this year by the end of September. 661 of them were returned to their home countries. The other 58 migrants were transferred to other EU countries.

In addition, the country has expelled a threat from Germany. Another seven people were sitting in the Berlin deportation detention facility for those at risk. A total of 106 inmates have been deported from the detention center since the beginning of the year.

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