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"Jürgen Photographs his Food": Disgusting meals from retirement home in Germany move Facebook users

Jürgen is taking early retirement and lives in a nursing home. When he posts photos of his meal on Facebook, he gets a lot of sympathy: He only weighs 45 kilos, but there is no extra portion. A friend made the pictures public - because something has to change.

Jürgen is 63 years old and worked as a DJ until a few years ago. Two years ago, however, his lung disease hit him so badly that he took early retirement. At that time, the man from Nuremberg was still living in his apartment, but it became too expensive for the authorities, and Jürgen is dependent on social assistance. So he had to go to the nursing home. Jürgen has been living exclusively with old people for two years now, an alternative was apparently unthinkable. However, that is not Jürgen's biggest problem. Because that's the food.

Because eating in his retirement home is such a thing. Even if he likes his pureed meal once - a poorly fitting partial denture prevents him from being able to chew properly - the amount is not enough for the 1.80 meter tall man. When he was asked whether he could get a small extra portion, the answer "It has to be enough for everyone", Jürgen was angry. He still weighs 45 kilograms. He started taking photos of his food and posting it on his personal Facebook account. For this he received countless reactions from people who could report on similarly unworthy situations. Some even wanted him to turn his photos into a book.

The nursing staff is actually nice. It just has no time for anyone
The old people's home in which Jürgen lives advertises on its website with a beautiful garden. But old people will only be seen in it if they have relatives who visit them and bring them there. The staff doesn't have time for that. It hardly comes to the essentials. Therefore, Jürgen, who recently suffered from diarrhea, had to stay in his clothes for hours until someone could change them.

Eva Patricia Rußegger tells Jürgen's "stories from the home" to Stern. The 35-year-old Austrian is the chairperson of Die Party in Austria . When she sees Jürgen's pictures on Facebook, she decides that something has to change. That Jürgen's story, shared by countless old people, must be heard. That's why the Nuremberg-based company now also has a public Facebook page. Rußegger distributes Jürgen's photos there, because there is no WiFi in Jürgen's retirement home. And Jürgen cannot spend any more money on mobile communications; he only has 100 euros in pocket money a month. With this he not only has to pay his cell phone bill, but also his shaving kit or a malt beer.

Rußegger does not post Jürgen's food pictures to denounce the retirement home or even the nursing staff. Therefore, the "residence" in which Jürgen lives is not mentioned. Rußegger would like to support Jürgen in creating awareness for the situation of old - and not quite so old - people. Like him, she hopes to attract interested parties who can spare a little time to share with someone in need. To push him into the garden in a wheelchair maybe once a week. To go shopping with him.

The page "Jürgen photographs his food" has not existed on Facebook for a week and already has almost 2000 likes. With a little luck, there will be someone among them who will translate their interest in the pictures into deeds. Once a week or something.

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