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Sweden: Party guest rapes woman and stabs host

Härnösand - A party night among friends ended in terrible acts of violence in the early hours of the morning on May 10: A woman was raped twice in Härnösand, Sweden. A friend, Tommie Lindh († 19), wanted to help her and was killed for it.

The killer was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in mid-October. The case is considered closed, but one question remains: Why did the police arrive after over an hour?

Tommie Lindh went to high school in Härnösand, a town with 18,000 inhabitants on the north Swedish coast of the Baltic Sea, and was about to graduate from high school. He had already moved out of his parents' home and lived in a small apartment.

On May 9th, he went around the house with some friends, and later the group continued celebrating in his apartment. Abubaker Mohamad Awad (23) joined the group here. Nobody really knew him, but he celebrated with them. Abubaker came to Sweden from Sudan in 2005. He was considered to be well integrated, had passed high school and worked at McDonald's.

By 4 a.m. almost everyone had left. Only Tommie, Abubaker and a friend of Tommie's were in the apartment. The anonymity of this woman is preserved. In the judgment she is called A.

What happened after 4 a.m. is like a horror movie
Apparently everyone had gone to sleep after the long night of partying, only Abubaker didn't think about it.

A.: "I was in the guest bed, Tommie was in his room. At some point Abubaker came and pulled out a knife. He said if I don't go along, he'll kill me and Tommie. ”She followed him into the bathroom - and was raped. Tommie heard her cries for help and woke up.

Now followed an hour that couldn't have been more terrible. Tommie and the young woman called the police twice - but the officers never came.

Not credible?
The young woman practically begged for police help on the phone. She reported about the knife and the rape. She kept giving the address. Their conversations with the alarm center lasted a total of nine minutes and ten seconds, but the police allegedly failed to locate the address. "Please come," she cried at the end of the call.

Later it turned out that the policewoman at the headquarters who had taken the first call noted: "Not credible."

The first call came in on May 10th at 6.57am, the second at 7.35am. In the second phone call, Tommie Lindh also begged the police to come and help immediately. At 8:10 a.m. - more than an hour after the first call - the police finally arrived at the scene.

Abubaker seemed to be listening indifferently to the phone calls. When he noticed that nothing happened after the second call, he stabbed Tommie without warning, who was standing in the bathroom.

A: "Abubaker just laughed and said, 'Yes, now I've killed him.' Then he pointed the knife at me."

Tommy was bleeding to death
While Tommie was slowly bleeding to death in the bathroom, Akubaker raped the young woman again. In addition, she was gripped the whole time by the fear that she would die next.

When the police finally arrived, the officers arrested Akubaker without difficulty. He even laughed and made a victory sign with two fingers on the police camera.

The court awarded the young woman compensation for pain and suffering of around 20,000 euros. The case is considered closed. But one question remains: why did the police arrive so late?

In an interview with the Swedish TV broadcaster SVT, the woman spoke anonymously about her thoughts. “I want to know why I was not believed. If they believed me and came right away, Tommie could still be alive. Then he would be home now, would drink his milk and eat bread and do everything he always liked to do. "

The behavior of the police is checked by internal investigators. The police chiefs responsible do not want to comment on this until the investigation is over.

Source: Bild
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