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Theologian calls for the liberation of the church from "old, white men"

BERLIN. The theologian Reimer Gronemeyer has spoken out in favor of liberating the church from the rule of "old, white men". Gronemeyer criticized them on Deutschlandfunk, although they had “achieved great things” in recent years, but they were also responsible for making the planet uninhabitable.

In his opinion, the two great churches would have no future without such a change. He assumed that women priests and bishops would be taken for granted in the future. However, he could not rule out that they then made "the same scrap" as their male predecessors.

Church should take Africa as an example
Nevertheless, he advocates more female leadership in the church. There where women tackle, social forces are strong. For example, in his experience, they were more likely to try to save orphans or fight hunger.

The official churches could also take Africa as an example. Above all in the southern part of the continent, he feels a “moving piety and vitality”, described Gronemeyer. "To look there means to be able to learn something."

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