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Make Arabic Slavery Great Again

Written by John (the other John).

I was recently an involuntary observer to a discussion in which the topic was that while Christian Europe was experiencing its Dark Ages, the Islamic Arabic world was experiencing its golden age. The people were speaking negatively of Europe because Christian extremists banned non-religious studies such as math, science, art, literature, while tolerant Arabs promoted the continuation of these studies founded by ancient Greece. The speakers went on to speak highly of Arabic culture, which was a by-product of their tremendous wealth. Some of the aspects of Arabic lifestyle that they spoke with admiration included:
  • concubines as part of the households,
  • parents offering their sons to the Caliph to serve in battle as warriors
  • males willingly becoming eunuchs so they could better concentrate on their work,
  • parents offering their daughters to possibly give birth to a future caliph,
  • people willingly paying tribute to caliph,
  • tremendous wealth of the rulers,
  • foreign rulers paid them tribute out of gratitude,
  • diversity due to Africans being a member of most aristocratic households.
As I was listening to this I thought to myself that these variables sound familiar, but what is odd is that when these variables are attributed to Americans, it is always treated with venomous hatred by the critics. So I made the below diagram to distinguish the interpretation of the same acts committed by Arabs and by Americans:

Arabic Anglo-American
Parents voluntary giving kids to Muslims
Journey to wealthy nation
Improving job skills
Diversity in household
Loved their host
Joined new household
Enhanced childhood experience
Pat on the back for encouragement
Enhanced concentration for eunuchs
House guest
Integrating with their subjects
Bonding with fellow servants
$ex slave
child theft
Human trafficking
exploitation of labour
false imprisonment
feared their owner
bartered and traded humans
Separated children from parents
cultural appropriation
chained together

You see where this is going. These people were playing word jiu jitsu to put a positive spin for the Arabs (despite trafficking tens of millions of Africans) whilst being critical of Americans for committing the same thing (despite trafficking less than 300,000 people in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade; which is less than 1% of the Arabic Slave Trade of Africans).

The way these people were talking, you would guess that they want to bring back Arabic slavery considering how great they made it sound; especially considering that two of those people were black.

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