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Presidential Elections in America: Trump is stronger than predicted by the media

The US presidential election turned out to be a closer race than was initially expected. According to initial forecasts, incumbent Donald Trump received a majority of the votes in Florida (29 electoral votes), one of the most competitive swing states and is decisive for Trump.

Likewise, according to Fox News, Trump is said to have got a majority in Texas (36 electoral votes) and Ohio (18). Both states are considered necessary for a victory from Trump.

A record turnout is emerging in the election. Due to the large number of postal votes, the counting could take longer than usual.

A big surprise tonight is Virginia, a traditionally democratic state where things are getting very tight and Trump is currently slightly ahead. When the postal votes are counted, this can change there and in other countries. In Arizona, on the other hand, challenger Biden is currently well ahead. No matter how this election turns out, a landslide victory for Biden is not in sight.

It has also just announced that results will be delayed in the state of Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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