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Barbara Schöneberger - "Racism" with residency

German singer, and TV presenter Barbara Schöneberger is one of the funniest women in Germany. Her sense of humor consists of laughing at herself, and at any subject without political correctness. The opposite of Jan Böhmermann whose humor consists of appearing in photos with one eyebrow higher than the other and the arrogance of laughing at others, considering them stupid, because they Böhmermann and their followers, believe to be morally superior (similar to Stephen Colbert, John Oliver).

Because of this she became the target of the woke army. A few weeks ago she was the victim again of these unfortunate leftists, but unlike many cowards, Schöneberger does not apologize.

The following is an article published by Ulrike Stockmann for Achse des Guten.

I am horrified!

For years I believed that Barbara Schöneberger was a humorous, inexperienced philanthropist, only to be bitterly disappointed now. Because now it turned out that there is also a bitterly angry racist slumbering in her heart.

At the presentation of the German Radio Prize last week, she made a joke. About a sauce. More precisely, about renaming a sauce. In mid-August, the Knorr company decided to rename their “gypsy sauce” to “Hungarian style paprika sauce”. The Central Council of Sinti and Roma praised this decision, the company was happy, everyone was happy.

And now the unspeakable Barbara Schöneberger could not help saying on the occasion of the said radio award: "Gypsy sauce now means: sauce without a permanent residence."

With that she ruined everything! The Central Council of Sinti and Roma called this action "shameful and unworthy" and went on to say: "A joke for Barbara Schöneberger, degrading and deeply hurtful for Sinti and Roma." A shit storm on social media accompanied this misstep.

But unlike after her also heavily criticized statement that she does not like men with make-up, she has not apologized this time:

“At the request of 'Der Stern', however, a spokesman for the NDR announced: 'Ms. Schöneberger made a joke about the name of a barbecue sauce. She wanted to show where outrage was leading due to alleged lack of political correctness and reactions on social media.'”

Man just learns over time.

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