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Being Noble During a Gang Fight: Part II

Written by John (the other John).

This is a sequel to a prior article on how the Republican Party acts in a noble manner during the gang fight known as politics, while the Democrats show up to this fight with switch blades. The GOP believes that it does not need to resort to such tactics, but if you see the trajectory where this nation is going, the GOP and Conservativism will become extinct at this pace.

If you examine what the Dems are scheming, they will soon steal the elections by legally cheating while the GOP is asleep. Some of their tactics include:
  • Statehood to DC and Puerto Rico (hence, 4 more Senators)
  • temporary shift of loyalists residences to Red States so to win elections
  • burn, loot, murder without consequence
  • financing the trafficking of Central Americans and Mexicans into the US
  • ending the Senate filibuster
  • stacking the Courts
  • colluding with China, big tech, media, academia, etc...
The GOP:
  • improving public policy
Guess who will win.

So you may be asking, what can the GOP do in this gang fight that is down and dirty?

Let us see:
  • litigate the issue all the way to the Supreme Court that the 14 th Amendment does not grant automatic citizenship just because a person is born here (thus, potentially removing citizenship to millions of people who were born here to illegal parents, and who likely are overwhelmingly Democrat)
  • If the GOP wins the Senate:
    • do not confirm any of Biden’s picks for Judges
    • investigate the hell out of the Biden’s for their crimes
    • investigate the election fraud (with the assistance of big tech and China)
    • pass no laws that the House of Representatives passes
  • Encourage Conservative parts of blue States to secede and become their own State (or to join with another Red State)
  • Encourage secession from the Union
  • Encourage Red State farmers to not sell food to the north east and to the Left Coast (let them starve; the Left likes Stalin and Mao, let them live their policies firsthand; after 7 days without food, they will be malnourished; after 30 days, they will become extinct; PROBLEM SOLVED)
The Democrats like it dirty, then let us give it to them real dirty. So while the Dems show up with switch blades while we show up with sophisticated British walking canes and a top-hat, let us use these walking canes as swords/machetes and strike them where it hurts.

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