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BLM Leaders Come Out Against Prominent Biden Cabinet Pick

Presumptive president-elect Joe Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he’s already having trouble paying the piper for his apparent electoral success.

Among the many special interest groups eager for representation in a potential Biden administration, the one he owes the greatest debt of gratitude — and is having the most trouble appeasing — is Black Lives Matter.

BLM and its accomplices in the establishment media effectively painted President Donald Trump as a white supremacist and pinned the violence, riots and chaos they created last spring on the president — a move designed to secure the 2020 presidential election for Biden.

Leaders of BLM apparently thought this would ensure them a prominent place in the incoming Biden administration, but so far, they can’t even get a meeting with Biden or presumptive Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

That’s not the only thing they’re angry about, however; leaders from the BLM movement are rejecting several leftist politicians currently in the running to be part of the potential Biden administration.

 “Black Lives Matter leaders from Los Angeles, South Bend, Indiana, Rhode Island and Chicago have joined forces to oppose a slate of candidate. 



But it was South Bend, Indiana, BLM leader Jordan Geiger in particular who took umbrage with the slate of potential appointees — including one of his own hometown politicians, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg — for transportation secretary.

“We urge the rejection of our former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo for transportation secretary or any other Cabinet position in the administration,” Geiger said in a video call with other leaders uploaded Tuesday to YouTube.

He characterized those politicians, including Buttigieg, as having “a long history of using the machinery and mechanisms of government to advance systemic racism.”

“In South Bend, we saw Pete Buttigieg give less than 1 percent of city contracts to black businesses,” Geiger said.

“We saw black communities here have their homes torn down by his administration. We saw the machinery of his police department turn against black people and the homeless shelters kicked black people out on the streets.

“South Bend residents know very well that in addition to our former small-town mayor being completely unqualified for a Cabinet agency, Pete would continue his record of hurting black communities every day in his decision-making process,” Geiger added.

Buttigieg ran in the Democratic primary in hopes of becoming the party’s 2020 presidential candidate, but dropped out after running a lackluster campaign that failed to garner much enthusiasm.

It makes sense considering he’d be joining the other failed politicians in Biden’s potential administration, as well as checking an intersectional box as an open homosexual to give the 78-year-old Democrat “woke” bona fides.

Biden was enthusiastic in his tweet announcing the pick on Tuesday, calling Buttigieg a “leader, patriot, and problem-solver.”

“He speaks to the best of who we are as a nation,” Biden went on. “I am nominating him for Secretary of Transportation because he’s equipped to take on the challenges at the intersection of jobs, infrastructure, equity, and climate.”



Source: Western Journal

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